Earn cryptocurrency without trading - just invite your friends to join and gain all the benefits of using the FYBIT platform.

For each new attracted user who successfully registered on the FYBIT platform, the partner will receive payments every time the attracted referral makes a trade. The affiliate will earn up to 60% commission of the total trading fee that his referral will pay for each trade. It doesn't matter what are the referral's trades, a trading fee will be charged for each of his positions and parts of it will be transferred to the partner. Each referral generates affiliate commissions for the entire duration of the account. The percentage of rewards that a partner receives depends on the turnover of the paid trading fee of all his attracted referrals across all cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate reward levels Amount of remuneration Total commission turnover of referrals Active invitees (Made at least 1 trade per month)
1 level 20% Less than 0.5 BTC Minimum 3
2 level 40% From 0.5 ВТС to 1 ВТС Minimum 7
3 level 60% More than 1 ВТС Minimum 15

The total commission turnover takes into account the sum of all altcoins automatically converted to bitcoins.

The amount of commission turnover is generated every month and is taken into account only for one calendar month. This makes it possible to receive the maximum percentage of remuneration every month. For example, in the first 10 days of the month, all referrals paid a total trading fee in the amount of 0.6 BTC and the partner immediately reaches level 2. In this case, the partner's commission in the amount of remuneration of 40% which is 0.24 BTC is already available for withdrawal on the 1st day of the next month. If by the end of the month, all his referrals pay another 0.6 BTC of the trading fee and the total amount becomes 1.2 BTC by the 1st day of the next month, then the partner will have access to 60% or 0.72 BTC for withdrawal.

Active invitees are referrals who make at least one trade per month. If you have less than 3 active referrals during the month, you cannot claim affiliate remuneration. All your active referrals invited for the whole time are taken into account.

On the 1st of every month, partners request to withdraw rewards to their trading account. After checking the partner account, the funds are credited to the balance within 3 days, then these funds can be used to make trading operations on the FYBIT platform or withdrawn to a wallet.

Please note that if violations of the affiliate program rules are found, the affiliate account may be blocked permanently, and the affiliate reward amount will be reset to zero. FYBIT reserves the right to change the terms of the affiliate program at any time without prior notice.