The FYBIT Index is based on weighted average price quotes taken from the HTX, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Binance exchanges. The calculation of the index does not take into account the maximum and minimum quotes from the list of price sources. The FYBIT index value is only formed from the weighted average quotes of the remaining exchanges.

For example, on the exchanges at a given moment, the price of an asset is as follows:
$ 1000 (HTX),
$ 1010 (Coinbase),
$ 1020 (Bitstamp),
$ 1030 (Binance),
$ 1040 (Bitfinex).

In this case, the FYBIT index will be calculated based on the weighted average price quotes provided by the following exchanges: Coinbase ($ 1010), Bitstamp ($ 1020), and Binance ($ 1030). The minimum and maximum price quotes taken from HTX ($ 1000) and Bitfinex ($ 1040) will not be included in the index calculation.

If some of these exchanges suspend their services or are unable to provide price quotes due to any technical problem, the FYBIT will immediately apply the Index based on the calculation of the weighted average price of the remaining active exchanges from the list above.
In addition, the FYBIT may change any of the sources of price quotes at its discretion upon prior notice of such changes.
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